Expand abroad through online marketplaces

Globalio® is an e-commerce accelerator that helps brands successfully expand into new markets through international online marketplaces.

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Key advantages

Why expand with us?

6 main reasons why brands prefer Globalio as their sales partner on Amazon and other popular markets across Europe.

Lightning-fast international expansion

Within 30 days, your products can be available to 475 million potential customers in 9 European countries. Sell ​​through the world’s largest marketplaces—Amazon, eBay, and Kaufland.de.

Marketplace experts

We have been selling online since 2015. Thanks to our experts’ long experience and deep know-how, we can help you succeed in international marketplaces.

Logistics outsourcing

We provide complete fulfillment from A to Z, including returns and complaints. We store products in Amazon warehouses throughout Europe (FBA) and deliver them to most shoppers within 24 hours.

No capital requirements

You can expand without any investments when you work with us. We will buy goods from you through our wholesale partnership and sell them to end clients at our own expense.

Taxes and accounting

With Globalio, you don’t have to deal with VAT registration in foreign countries, invoicing to end customers, bookkeeping, and other bureaucratic obligations associated with selling goods abroad.

Protecting and building a brand

We are building brands that become established and develop a strong position in the marketplace. We identify unauthorized resellers and adhere to your brand standards and agreed retail prices.


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Our business model

How it works

What sets us apart from agencies? We buy goods directly from you, and you benefit from our work in the long run—no worries and fees.

Our partners include

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